3 Reasons to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

It’s not just about lowering your monthly utility bill – there are many reasons, and many ways, to make your home more energy efficient. Sure, a lowered utility bill every month is a nice perk, but there’s more to energy-efficiency than that! We’ve collected 3 great reasons to make your home more energy efficient; check them out below!

Improve your resale value

Many home buyers are looking for homes that are energy efficient, so one of the best ways to set your home apart from others for sale in your area is to make energy efficient improvements. That can be done through increasing insulation in your attic or crawlspace or by replacing aging appliances with energy efficient ones. Many energy efficient home improvements also look great (new appliances, for example) and so can also help increase the resale value of your home by giving it an overall better, higher-quality appearance.

Make your home more comfortable year round

When you eliminate drafts, you not only save yourself money, but you also make your home more comfortable to live in year round. Instead of overly warm or cold rooms in summer and winter which can tax heating and cooling systems trying to “keep up”, when you take steps to make every room in your house more efficient, you end up with an overall more comfortable living space.

Save money

Here’s the big one for most people! When you make your home more energy efficient, you use less energy and power, which in turn saves you money on your utility bills each month. Over time, these savings can really build, especially if you make upgrades like installing solar panels, which can not only pay for themselves over time but can also offer you the ability to sell power back to your provider, earning you money each month!

What are some examples of energy efficient or energy saving upgrades you can make to your home?

Here’s a few example of some ways you can quickly make your home more energy efficient:

  • Install storm windows, or double-pane windows
  • Switch all your light bulbs over to energy efficient bulbs
  • Wrap your water heater
  • Replace aging appliances with more modern, energy efficient ones
  • Install weather-stripping or caulking around leaky doors and windows, chimneys, recessed lighting and pipe cut-throughs
  • Add insulation to your attic, crawlspace or basement